The very best day of our lives!

Our marriage, forever memorialized with surprise handcrafted gifts we exchanged - personalized jewelry engraved with Morse Code bearing secret messages, lovingly shared only between husband and wife. 

Worn every day and cherished for eternity...

We would be so honored to make your favorite piece for everyday, an heirloom of celebration, remberance and personal significance.




Jules Vance is a luxury jewelry line by Chicago native and metalsmith, Jules Vance. Together with her husband, Brian, they proudly produce modern fine jewelry by human hands for those who seek to know the artists and process behind design.

Jewelry is one of the most personal adornments that tells a story and often becomes deeply meaningful to the wearer. Our greatest joy is making jewelry to honor your life’s journey; tangible memories worn to represent moments of celebration and remembrance. Jewelry created with intention that become treasures to make your every day special.

We all adore gifts. But don’t wait for someone else to buy you jewelry - go on...treat yourself! We are honored to become part of our clients everyday - a beautiful reminder that whispers: “I am worth it!”

“We strive to create meaningful, neoteric talismans that carry with them a story from us to you, you to your family, friends and so on. We take great pride and pleasure in the handmade process of slow fashion, fabricating every piece of jewelry from the finest materials, in our private Chicago studio. Many jewelers are taught to erase every trace of the human hand. However, we want you to be reminded that an artist created your jewelry; we embrace beautiful blemishes created by Mother Nature in our responsibly mined raw diamonds and gemstones, and celebrate intentional scars left behind by our hammers and torch that culminate in inherently one of a kind designs.

Our hope is that you find a signature amulet ~ your own future heirloom ~ that becomes as meaningful for you to wear as it is for us to create.”